Wednesday, August 31, 2005

feeling like a tourist in your own city

had a great time the last couple of days, post-Greenbelt, hanging out with karen Ward from Seattle who has been our guest here in Oxford. yesterday we had coffee with Pete Ward (no relation!) and then i showed Karen around the sites of Oxford. She was obviously very excited to see some of the locations where they filmed Harry Potter and practiced her english pronounciation of the word 'Potter' (you don't pronounce the T's - well at least you don't if you're doing a London accent). we also drank some nice Belgium beer and smoked some nice cigars, but then you probably wouldn't have expected anything less.
Ian Mobsby turned up today to accompany karen on the next leg of her tour round the UK to see Maggi Dawn in Cambridge. Before they left we had time for a canoe down the river to the local pub for lunch - Ian in front, me at back, and karen in the middle like the Queen of Sheba (all that was missing was a couple of slaves wafting her with big ostrich feathers!).

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