Tuesday, August 09, 2005

holiday time

well, Pip and i are heading off to Scotland this evening. breaking the journey at my parents in N Wales and then arriving in Oban tomorrow evening. Catching a ferry from there on Thurs morning to the Isle of Mull where we will be for 5 days or so and then we're going to catch another ferry to Coll and then on to Tiree which are two beautiful (apparently) small islands even further out from the mainland. Tiree apparently has more hours of sunshine - due to its westerly position - than anywhere else in the UK and it also has some good atlantic surf so we're taking our wetsuits.

i will have some dial up internet access while we're on Mull so there may be some blogging happening but probably not a lot.

we'll be back just in time to go to Greenbelt which we're really looking forward to.

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