Saturday, January 28, 2006


some of you will know that the small christian community that I am a part of here in Oxford - 'home' ( - are in negotiations to buy the lease on a small, independent cinema in Oxford.

We plan to refurbish it and continue to run it as a cinema but then use it for church on Sunday nights - that way it will function as a home for our community and also both a missional and cultural interface. A missional interface in the sense that we expect around 18,000 attendees at films throughout the year who will hear about the church, and missional also in that we will use the cinema as a base for serving and blessing the local community. A cultural interface as our church becomes a patron of the arts (we would hope to show the work of local film-makers etc.) as well as making a contribution to the conversations that are engendered by films in our culture (especially given the important role that cinema has in reflecting and contructing narratives).

We are busy putting together business plans for funding applications, loans and grants but it is clear that although once set up the project will be self financing, the initial purchase of the lease and assets is going to require a fairly significant capital investment.

So we are looking for funders - people who believe in the project as outlined above (and I will happily talk further about it), who can see with the eyes of faith the potential, and who are able and willing to invest financially in the mission and ministry of our community. If that describes you, then please get in touch with me at

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