Monday, January 30, 2006

Maclaren resonds (or perhaps 'Maclaren gives lesson in how to engage in a conversation')

Thankfully, after Mark Driscoll's awful, unkind post (see my blog entry below), Brian Maclaren has now responded here: an example if ever we needed one (and it would seem that we do) of how to engage in conversation/debate in an irenic, humble, and kind way. Remember people, it's not just about being right.


Kyle said...

Driscoll is an example of yet another evangelical who can't stand it when other evangelicals don't use their platforms to tell people how they should be moral.

I think McLaren is a Christian pastor. He deals with his own community, has his own apostolate, and if somebody wants to learn from what he's doing or have a civil conversation about it, he's willing. That's why I like the guy, regardless of his stances on whatever it is. I don't think he's ever said what he actually tells people in pastoral counseling in his church, because it's simply none of our business.

Chris Bullivant said...

Matt, you have about 1,000 more visits than me on your site in a similar time frame. I'm not sure if this is acceptable.