Sunday, January 15, 2006

a weekend of films and film stars

had a pretty film-heavy weekend. started to feel a bit like a Jake Gylenhaal stalker as I saw him in Brokeback Mountain on Friday night (with Pippa and Suzie) and Jarhead last night (with Rich). Enjoyed both films. I think Brokeback Mountain is a landmark film as we're used to seeing gay characters in films but they are usually quite camp. This is the first film that I can remember seeing (though there must be others?) where the gay characters aren't.
The problem is that it's far too easy to pigeon-hole the camp variety. Brokeback Mountain doesn't allow you to do that, which makes it a far more intriguing film. And very sad.
Really enjoyed Jarhead too (for those not in the know, it's Sam Mendes' (American Beauty, beau of Kate Winslet) new film). Set against the backdrop of the first Gulf War it raises some interesting questions about the futility of war. It definitely seemed that some in the cinema failed to pick up on such subtleties. You've got to worry when the young guys in the seats behind you know the names of the guns!
The day was topped off with a fine curry with Rich and Chris, although we were Grouchy Old Men as we had to sit near to a long table of very loud teenage girls. Then as they left we noticed that one of them was Hermione from Harry Potter. Which didn't make them less annoying.

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