Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's good to walk

The hOME New Year's Day Walk has turned into something of a tradition - i.e. we've now done it 3 times. Had a fine time the other day at near Dorchester where we walked up Wittenham Clumps (the theme song for the day seemed to be "my clumps, my clumps, my lovely Wittenham clumps"! - those of you that have been lucky enough to not hear the latest Black Eyed Peas single will have no idea what I'm talking about). The New Year's Day Walk has become a familiar orientation point for me in my mental world. It's a time to think back to the last one and all that has happened in between and also to think about who was there last year and has since moved on - to call them to mind so that they still live on in the memory of our community.

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