Friday, October 27, 2006

Bill Viola - The Messenger

As I was walking through Oxford today - on my way to a joke shop to buy a ridiculous Mexican moustache for a Mexican party tonight (where do we get these stereotypes from? Do all Mexican men have moustaches?!) I happened upon a poster for a Bill Viola installation that's happening down the road from us here in Oxford, in Dorchester Abbey (which also happens to be the fantastic old monastic Abbey where we have our Service of Vows at Easter). It's called The Messenger. I have no idea what it's about but it's on for the next week each evening (it's only visible at night) and I plan to go tomorrow night. I saw some of his work - following a tip off from Jonny Baker - earlier in the summer at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London. Viola's medium is High Definition video installations. Should be good. More info here. If you're local to Oxford I recommend you going to have a look.

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ryan said...

I saw it. It was really overwhelming.