Monday, October 30, 2006

Seth Lakeman - Freedom Fields

As previously confessed on this blog, I have a bit of a folky streak which I have lived in denial of for some time. I guess it comes from the same place within me that enjoys a good, organic, cider occasionally (I know - my emerging church, belgian ale drinking, credentials are now in tatters).
Anyway, I have recently discovered the wonderful Seth Lakeman - nominated for the Mercury Music prize this year - and his debut (I think) album - Freedom Fields. It's really beautiful stuff - especially if you like your folk with some vocals and singalong tunes.
One thing I have noticed about folk though is that although the music is very often beautiful and you find yourself humming along quite quickly, when you listen more closely you find that, lyrically, the subject matter can often be quite bizarre. Take Seth Lakeman's new single as an example - it's a gorgeous song but it appears to be about a white rabbit. I guess I should have worked this out from the title - 'The White Hare' (ok so not a rabbit exactly, but you get my point). I know it's probably a metaphor for something (haven't listened closely enough yet) but you can be driving along singing the song to yourself and then be slightly alarmed by the fact you are being moved by a song about a rabbit!
Do have a listen though - you can hear the song in question on his website here.

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Terri Nixon said...

Ahh, Seth. Yes. Absolutely incredible musician, and apparently a thoroughly nice bloke to boot. Will be seeing him in Exeter in December. The White Hare is actually about a white witch who roams the moor, turning into a hare (which can run bloody fast, so watch it!) Favourite track from Freedom Fields for me is, I think, Riflemen Of War. He has other albums too, notably The Punch Bowl and Kitty Jay,look out for them :)
Sorry to just drop in on your blog like this and ramble!