Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Nativity Story

New Line Cinema - makers of the Lord of the Rings trilogy - are releasing 'The Nativity Story' this December. It looks like it's surfing a kind of post Passion-of-the-Christ sort of wave - same look and feel judging by the trailers - gritty and pretty faithful to the texts by all accounts. I know some people really didn't like TPOTC but I did and no doubt will like this one too. It would be easy to be pretty cynical about it and say that it's obviously just a cash-cow for the studio (who no doubt saw what an amazing money spinner the Mel Gibson film was and thought "we'll have a bit of that action"). Maybe I'm playing right into their hands. But you can make up your own mind - more info here.


Jim said...

As one of those who really didn't like TPOTC, I am actually quite excited about the release of this film. I guess it's the Orthodox within me, that likes to think humanity is saved by the Birth of Jesus... but also there is less opportunity for a theological 'interpretation' of events, which I felt strongly clouded TPOTC, and gets in the way of the narritive. I'm also pleased that it's New Line, who at least appear to be really researching much of the feel of the events and context.

Matt Page said...

Hi MAtt,

FWIW, there are a load of posts on this film at Bible Films Blog.

I'm not sure whether it's going to get released over here or not yet. Hopefully so. There's a lot to suggest it migth be good. Catherine Hardwicke is a good director, and has made her name through films portraying young people growing up quickly and bumpily. Which about sounds like how it was for Mary. Keisha Castle-Hughes was impressive in Whale Rider, and it bodes well that she's in it as well.

Of course everything else could be horrible. Time will tell.