Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kate Rusby

Pip and I had the great pleasure of seeing kate Rusby at the New Theatre in Oxford last night. She was wonderful as were her band - the standard of musicianship was amazing. So it's time for me to 'fess up': I may have given you all the impression that I only listen to electronica but actually, sometimes I listen to folk music. It's ok, it's under control. I could stop at any time. It's only a small amount. I've heard it said that folk music is a gateway and can lead to 'harder' things, perhaps like Latin, or Prog Rock, but I'll have to take that risk because sometimes it's just so darn good.
I have a little daydream that when I am old you will find me in the corner of a pub out in the countryside somewhere playing folk tunes with others near a roaring fire - I will be playing something like a bodhran or pipes or a whistle.
Have I gone too far?

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Sarcastic Lutheran said...

God Matt, you're such a hippie.