Sunday, January 02, 2005

the anger of God

I was leading the morning service at our mother church (St Aldates) this morning (I am preaching there this evening) and as i led the intercessions which were obviously focused on the earhtquake and tsunami victims i found myself overcome with emotion. i found myself asking the congregation whether they were able to feel the anger of God, the rage of God, about the ravaging of his good creation by the forces of destruction. it's a perspective i hadn't previously considered but i think that God is generally very angry about this whole situation.
congrad gempf has posted some staggering before/after pictures from the New York Times photo journalists. see them here.

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Peter O said...

Yeah, I was sat there thinking "Is he crying - yup, he's got a speck of sentiment".

And once again, a big "well done" for tonight. You preached a cracking sermon, weaving the parable of the talents in at the end, neatly leaving me more than satisfied that you had actualled "preached" and not just "talked". And even the Pinnock quote was good AND pertinent (though of course 'lil conservative me doesn't agree with him on most things).

And have you chosen a name for the kitten yet? I'm still holding out for "Fang".