Friday, January 21, 2005

submission, U2 and Cholla Bread

i enjoyed last night's hOME-central worship focus service. the theme was the spiritual discipline of submission (which must have been a really odd one if you were coming to hOME for the first time). i tried to point out that it was the latest installment in a series we've been doing on the spiritual disciplines. we showed the film I'd made (a great excuse to learn how to use iMovie and iDVD). i was listening to the new U2 album the other day and as i was listening to the track, 'Sometimes you can's make it on your own' (which Bono wrote for his dad i think) it struck me that you could imagine God speaking these words to the human race (if you have the CD have a listen). also it kinda fitted in with the theme of the service so i used the Hebrews ? passage " much more should we submit to the Father of our spirits and live", and developed a kind of music video and burnt it on to DVD (so glad i decided to go for a Powerbook with a superdrive). i think it worked.
later on we celebrated communion with Cholla bread and a nice french Cabernet Sauvignon. when i was buying it in M&s's the guy ahead of me in the checkout queue said that it looked like a nice supper which led into an interesting conversation as i told him he was kinda right!

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djhaggis said...

preach it bruvva - ((;-))