Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Mother Ship

The Mother Ship
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as a new convert to the cult of Apple I thought that it was appropriate to share the love by uploading a few photos from my visit to the Apple Store yesterday. What a great place. unlike any other store i've ever been to. i mean, when was the last time you went to a shop and there was a lecture theatre in it? i managed to get a slot with a genius (see photo of 'Genius Bar' below) - tho i had to wait for a cancellation as they were booked out for the whole day. Even tho the guy i saw was undoubtedly a Mac genius he wasn't able to solve my problem - to do with getting the bluetooth on my Mac to recognise my XDA as a phone rather than as a computer so i can send SMS messages from my computer - he was a nice guy anyway. I attended the worskhop on using GarageBand (a fantastic free music composing software suite that comes with new Macs) and learnt how to make tracks. I put my new skills to work on the bus on the way back to Oxford - composing a piece of music called 'Oxford Tube' - how original!
Si Kirby read my blog yesterday morning, found out i was coming to London for the day, phoned me up, and we met for coffee on the Tottenham Court Road after I'd spent 2 hours in the Apple Store.
It was great to see him and we had a good chat and put the world to rights.


Simon said...

Great to see you, although Sue is a bit worried about anyone who takes their picture in a shop and then publishes it...I have to say I can see her point...

Anonymous said...

that is not as bad as claiming the ball crossed the line!