Monday, January 24, 2005

what I'm doing today

we're getting some beautiful sunny, crisp, winter days here at the moment and Oxford looks particularly beautiful when the weather's like this. so i'm going to stop working at home soon and relocate to the Bodleian library where i'm going to work on planning the upcoming hOME weekend away and also the hOME orientation evening tomorrow night. we've had quite a few people expressing an interest in joining hOME recently so we're gonna host an evening to give them a handle on what we're all about.
I'm also gonna hit Blackwells bookshop (consistently voted the best bookshop in the UK - it rocks) this afternoon to try and and find a good Lent book for us to read. Does anyone have any suggestions? We're gonna run an optional (isn't everything we do 'optional'?!) study group, meeting on-line at the Habbo Hotel each week during lent. last year we ran a group studying Nouwen's 'Return of the Prodigal Son' but we were hampered by poor technology so this year we are hoping for a better service from Habbo.

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