Monday, January 10, 2005

new leadership for a new year

at the beginning of 2005 we are having a bit of a leadership re-structure in hOME. as i blogged about a little while ago i am moving towards a more functional rather than positional view of leadership. with that in mind we have appointed a deacon and a warden for the community of hOME in a kind of retro type way. even tho we are part of the Anglican tribe we are not thinking of the role of deacon in the way it's usually used in the Anglican tradition. instead we are using it in the Acts 6 way - someone with responsibility for the distribution of food. so we have appointed Steve to serve as our deacon, catalysing the whole community into a greater degree of involvement in social justice issues etc. we have been making it clear that Steve will not be there to 'do' all the 'ministry to the poor' but rather to make us a community that is more involved in this kind of mission as a whole.
Jim, our new Warden (the term has already taken on Peter Kay undertones!) will watch over the borders of the community and also be involved in taking some responsibility for the finances of the community.
We are also hoping to appoint an artist-in-residence and maybe even a resident theologian too.

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