Saturday, January 08, 2005

companions on the journey

been away the last 24 hours reconnecting with 'my boys'. it's a little group i'm part of consisting of 4 of us that were in theological college together - me, Rog, Paddy, and Mark. we meet together 4 times a year and rotate round, visiting each other's homes in turn. this weekend we've been in Bristol at Roger's place. we don't always do this but this time 'the wives' came too. we had a lot of laughs and even a few tears and it's always so good to be with those guys and hear where we've got to on our journey, pray for, and prophesy over, each other etc. there really is no substitute for people who've walked with you over a period of time. i really appreciate those guys and the challenge and support that they bring to me. we had some tough stuff to talk about this time but i know that that's only gonna take us deeper and make the bonds stronger, so it's all good.

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