Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Originally uploaded by Matt Rees.

Being a new devotee of Apple i have been keeping an eye on the MacWorld event in San Francisco that's happening at the moment. this is the main event for Apple each year where they launch new products and software etc. Anyway, they have just announced and launched the above product - the iPod Shuffle. It's very, very weeny and light, plugs straight into your USB port on your computer and can hold about 250 songs which can be loaded randomly from iTunes or selected by you. There's no screen so the whole idea behind this product is you don't know what song you're gonna hear next - they're using the strapline : 'Give Chance a Chance'!. It's gonna be cheap too (starting at $99 - don't think it's released here yet). I think it's a great idea. More info here.


Roy said...

it does look pretty cool and suitably cheap. contemplating getting my first apple purchase with it.
The mac-mini looks good - not yet jumped in to the apple world but these 2 are very tempting.

Matt said...

Hi Roy - yes i think the Mac Mini is a genius idea from Apple - they really know how to create great products. i have watched the web cast of Steve Jobs' keynote address to the macworld convention this week in San Francisco where he demo's the iPod Shuffle and the Mac Mini and they both look really great. you know it makes sense to switch! if you're in London go and check out the Apple Store in Regent Street.

EuroYank said...

considering in Europe it can take up to four months to get delivery of a new mac, i switched to windows XP after my last mac burned out. mac is innovative in this new offer and should move from 5% to maybe 12% market share. if only mac service and production could meet the demand i would have reason to gripe.

Matt said...

Hi EuroYank - sounds like you had a bad experience. i got my Mac delivered in a week direct from Apple. i've heard of lots of people switching from Windows to Mac but you're the first person i've encountered who has switched the opposite direction! peace.